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ongoing - The spatial dimension of residential multilocality

The topic of residential multilocality is studied with regard to its spatial dimension to understand the interaction between secondary residences and the urban space. Focus of research is the secondary residence in the urban context and its specific requirements to the urban fabric and the public realm.
A catalogue of case studies shows the range and pluralism of secondary residences and illustrates its relevance for spatial planning. Spatial-structural analysis is combined with empirical social research to gain new insight about the interplay of secondary homes and the city.
The research rethinks current planning practices and shall provide new approaches reflecting changing requirements of society due to globalisation, increasing mobility, growing flexibility on the job market and pluralism of lifestyles.


Feierabendvortrag IESL - Multilokalität Projekt Diss. / KIT - Department of Architecture
Presentation & discussion

Doktorrandenkolloquium / KIT - Department of Architecture
Poster presentation

Deutscher Kongress für Geografie / DKG 2017 Tübingen
Fachsitzung: Geografie des Wohnens - Presentation

Futur cities - Summer School Trifels / KIT GRACE
Poster presentation

Doktorrandenkolloquium Stadt / University of Stuttgart


Winterterm 2017/2018
Living in transition / KIT

Summerterm 2017
2nd Homes / KIT
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