Active Urban Landscape - Ideenwettbewerb Weißquartierplatz - Competition
07/2018 - Landau (Germany)

The urban plaza called ‚Weißquartierplatz‘ is currently used as a huge parking lot. Despite the very central and strategic location in the core of the city, the city administration wants to realize even more parking space on the same spot (as underground parking or as parking structure). However the parking survey could not confirm any lack of parking space.

Since it would be pity to dedicate this valuable pice of land to the private car again, my approach was to hand it back to the local city population.
By proposing an open green space aligned with parcels of gardens which can be leased by groups of residents or associations, the future Weißquartierplatz will function as mirror of the social diversity of the surrounding area and offer a new social space as well as an ecological space.

The Weißquartierplatz could be a place of community and social interaction and would contribute to the liveliness and attractiveness of the inner city of Landau.

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