URBAN VOIDS - Research Project
03/04 2016 - Seoul (South Korea)
KIT (Karlsruhe Institut of Technology), SNU (Seoul National University), HYU (Hanyang University), CAU (Chung Ang University), SKKU (Sungkyunkwan University), IER (University Stuttgart), et al.

The international interdisciplinary research lab URBAN VOIDS took place in Seoul March 30 till April 8. It dealt with the issue of regenerating the urban district Sangdo 4 Dong, in terms of urban planning, infrastructure, energy and from an architectural point of view.
Main hosts had been Prof. Kerstin Gothe (KIT) and Prof. Seog-Jeong Lee (SNU). As part of the urban planning group, our task was to develop a kind of framework plan, which guides further developments by preserving the characteristics and history of the unique urban fabric. The results had been presented to the public and exhibited within the district 04/2016.

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