Change by Design - Research Project / Public Participation
04/2015 - Woodstock - Cape Town (South Afrika)
Architecture Sans Frontières – UK (ASF-UK)

South Africa is ranked by the Gini Index as one of the most unequal countries in the world. There is an unequal distribution of wealth and opportunities. Current urban developments in Cape Town make the city even more exclusive. The district Woodstock, one of the rare cases of a racial mixed use neighbourhood, is facing increasing displacements and evictions due to real estate businesses and market pressure.
We, a group of approx. 50 international architects and planners from all over the world, had the goal to make a change. As international group we got much more media attention, more official appointments, and opportunities which had been used to support the initiative of the Development Action Group (DAG), a leading NGO in the urban sector.
Beside several design labs, research and internal discussions, we organized meetings with several stakeholders and multiple public events for the local community to organize themselves, team up and get active. The work we started will be followed up by DAG.

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